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T.A.D. of Jazz performs at Jake's Music Room in Gadsden, AL.




The Music of T.A.D. of Jazz


The music of T.A.D. of Jazz is different from most other bands.  We play music that can be enjoyed by various groups of people from different cultural backgrounds.  We provide music that people born any time during the 20th century to the present can enjoy.  Whether it's music to sit and relax to or songs that can get you moving and grooving on the dance floor, we can provide it for you. We perform all genres of music, but specialize in Fusion Jazz, R&B, and Neo-Soul.  Aside from doing cover tunes by the world's most popular artists, we plan on releasing an album of originals by the end of January 2015.

T.A.D. of Jazz performs Herebie Hancock's "Chameleon" at the Peerless Bar and Grille in Anniston, AL.

Our music

Here's simply a taste of what we do


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